Sade Heart of the Hawk Ali

Sadé Heart of the Hawk Ali

Senior Project Associate, Zero Suicide Institute

Sadé Heart of the Hawk Ali is the retired Deputy Commissioner of Philadelphia’s Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disability Services.  Heart of the Hawk has traveled the US, Canada and Australia providing training on Two Spirit history and culture, intergenerational, historical, and modern-day trauma and healing in Indigenous communities, and culturally appropriate recovery management and resilience-promoting service delivery in behavioral health.  She has published her thesis, other scholarly articles, and a textbook on culturally appropriate recovery/resilience services, the ending of health disparities through enhanced access to care, and the impact of intergenerational and historical trauma on the Indigenous peoples of North America. Most recently, she was the primary author for Best and Promising Practices for the Implementation of Zero Suicide in Indian Country, a Toolkit that indigenizes the Zero Suicide framework and for which she won the 2020 Public Health Innovations Award from the National Indian Health Board.  Ms. Ali holds a BA in Counseling Psychology, and an MA in Clinical Psychology.  She is Mi’kmaq First Nation from the Sturgeon Clan.  Ms. Ali is a lifetime member of SAIGE (Society of American Indian Government Employees) and served three terms on its Board of Directors.