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Healthcare professionals
Two days
Certification of Completion
National Zero Suicide Academy For Indian Country

The Zero Suicide Academy® for Indian Country is a two-day training for Tribally-owned and IHS-led health and behavioral health organizations seeking to dramatically reduce losses to suicide of those in their care.

Using the Zero Suicide framework, as well as the indigenized version of the framework, Best and Promising Practices for the Implementation of Zero Suicide in Indian Country, participants will learn how to incorporate best and promising practices into their organizations and processes to improve care and safety for individuals at risk.

Best and Promising Practices for the Implementation of Zero Suicide in Indian Country

About the Academy

Indigenous Zero Suicide Institute staff and faculty as well as those who have successfully implemented Zero Suicide in Tribally owned and IHS-led systems provide both interactive presentations and small group sessions, collaborating with participants to develop culturally resonant, organization-specific action plans.


The objectives of the Zero Suicide Academy for Indian Country are to:

  • Provide Tribally owned and IHS-led organizations interested in adopting a Zero Suicide approach with the skills and information necessary to launch and sustain their effort
  • Create collaborative links between participating Tribes and IHS-led organizations in order to share lessons learned, unique perspectives, knowledge, skills, and training decisions
  • Support systems to design a successful action plan for their Zero Suicide implementation

Application Instructions

Participant Eligibility

All Tribally owned and IHS-led health and behavioral health systems are eligible to apply. This includes Tribal 638 programs and Urban Native health organizations.

Applicants are to attend the Zero Suicide Academy for Indian Country with a team of 3-6 individuals including the person identified as the lead for the system's Zero Suicide initiative.

Recommendations for the team composition include: 

  • At least one senior leader/management (irrespective or discipline area). Person(s) responsible and with authority for implementation decisions (e.g., CEO, COO, Medical Doctor, CIO, ED)
  • At least one person who manages your electronic health records (EHR) system, quality improvement, or risk management.
  • At least one person (e.g., case manager, psychologist, social worker, nurse, other) who provides care to people and families daily.
  • At least one person who supervises the direct care of individuals receiving services.
  • At least one person with lived experience.
Selection Criteria

All organizations wishing to be considered for the Zero Suicide Academy for Indian Country will submit the application by the due date. The application will be reviewed by Zero Suicide Institute and a complete application will be required. This will include the identification of at least 3 team members selected to attend and the completed Organizational Self Study.

Application Sections
  1. The Zero Suicide Academy for Indian Country application consists of:
  2. A cover sheet. The lead applicant will receive all correspondence and must be one of the team members.
  3. A narrative that, in two to four pages, responds to the following: 
    • Briefly describe the members of your team and the relevant skills, knowledge, and experience they bring to the Zero Suicide Academy for Indian Country.
    • What are your team’s goals for participating in the Zero Suicide Academy™ for Indian Country and what does the team hope to learn during the training? 
Organizational Self-Study

A Zero Suicide Organizational Self-Study must be completed by your implementation team members and submitted along with your application. We offer two versions of the Organizational Self-Study: the General Organizational Self-Study and the Inpatient Organizational Self-Study. Organizations can choose to take one or both available Self-Studies. 

If you would like to review the questions before taking the survey, we offer a PDF of each version of the Self-Study. To access these resources, you will need to create an account on the Zero Suicide website.

Organizational Self-Study