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March 28th
School and District Leaders
Educators and Counselors
Webinar | Climate Anxiety and SEL
Thursday, March 28th, 2024
3:00-4:00pm ET

Join a panel of experts as we discuss the mental health impacts of climate change on youth, exploring the role of schools and community-based agencies in fostering resilience through social emotional learning to address eco-anxiety.

The Role of SEL in Addressing Eco-Anxiety

This webinar will convene experts from the field to discuss the mental health impacts—both acute and intense—of climate change on our world's youth. Our panel of clinicians, researchers, and educators will share their perspectives on the current landscape, including how climate change is impacting the mental health of a generation and who is most impacted.

We'll hear ideas for what role schools and community-based agencies play in helping young people cope with the complex feelings of adjusting to a warming world and how social emotional learning may help build resiliency and foster agency for those most impacted. This webinar is designed for educators, policy-makers, and anyone interested in how to protect our planet and the health of the future generations who will live in it.



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Photo of Shai Fuxman
Shai Fuxman
Senior Research Scientist in Public Health and Education, EDC

Dr. Shai Fuxman, a behavioral health expert and senior research scientist, leads initiatives promoting the positive development of youth and serves as a technical assistance specialist and advisor for EDC Solutions.

Photo of Richard Fournier
Richard Fournier
Director of Partnerships, EDC Solutions

Richard Fournier, partnership director of EDC Solutions, is experienced in SEL and mental health and a licensed superintendent, former teacher, and researcher. 

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Photo of Larissa Dooley
Larissa Dooley

Dr. Larissa Dooley is a science advisor and researcher at Climate Mental Health Network and first author of a report on climate anxiety in young people commissioned by Blue Shield of California

Photo of Carolyn McGrath
Carolyn McGrath

Carolyn McGrath is a visual arts teacher at Hopewell Valley Central High School and co-author of An Educator's Guide to Climate Emotions, a report from the Climate Psychology Alliance of North America

Photo of Britt Wray
Britt Wray

Dr. Britt Wray is the Director of CIRCLE (Community-minded Interventions for Resilience, Climate Leadership and Emotional wellbeing) within the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences of Stanford Medicine.

Photo of Angelou Ezeilo
Angelou Ezeilo

Angelou Ezeilo, JD, is the esteemed founder of the Greening Youth Foundation, a pioneering organization devoted to involving young individuals from underrepresented communities in the realm of conservation.