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Education & Wellbeing

Our education experts provide training and consultation to teachers, support staff, and administrators on a multi-tiered, systems approach to implementing effective practices in academics and instruction, social and emotional learning, and mental health at schools and across districts.

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Our services promote the integration of education and wellbeing.

Rapid Assessment and Action Planning

Rapid Assessment and Action Planning (RAAP) is an innovative, data-driven solution to address school districts’ SEL and mental health needs through comprehensive consultation.

Multi-Tiered School Suicide Prevention

Multi-Tiered School Suicide Prevention is designed to assist educational leaders in improving upon strategic planning and structural changes toward suicide prevention within a multi-tiered system of support. 

Educator Wellness

Educator Wellness training provides adults—including teachers, support staff, and leaders—strategies for prioritizing and supporting wellness individually and with peers. 

SEL Audit

SEL Audit is a rapid, data-driven solution to assist schools and districts in identifying SEL strengths, gaps, and opportunities for growth using a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) framework. 

SEL Adaptive Practice

Social-Emotional Learning Adaptive Practice provides educators with strategies for integrating SEL into lesson plans and classroom routines across all content areas and grade levels.

SEL for Education Leaders, Systems & Communication

Social-Emotional Learning for Education Leaders, Systems & Communication helps educational leaders prioritize SEL, improve policy, and communicate changes to the school community. 

Education that Promotes Wellbeing

EDC Solutions for Education and Wellbeing offers training, consultation, and products designed to improve academic and social outcomes in schools and across districts. Find the services right for you.

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EDC Solutions Portfolio

The Education & Wellbeing team is part of EDC Solutions, which brings sixty years of experience in education, health, and workforce development directly to clients committed to solving complex problems.

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