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AMSR Courses

AMSR Courses offer the structure of facilitated training with the freedom to learn at your own pace.

Zero Suicide Institute teamed up with Psychwire to offer a brand new way for healthcare professionals to become trained in AMSR.

AMSR Courses are a self-paced, online adaptation of AMSR curricula. By registering for a course, you'll be part of a learning cohort that starts and ends together. How you structure your learning time during the eight-hour, four-week course is entirely up to you. The course includes access to a learning forum moderated by an AMSR Master Trainer. Once completed, you’ll be able to review the course for an additional four weeks.

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How are AMSR Courses delivered?

Combination of structure and freedom

AMSR Courses are built on an intake basis, meaning the courses start and end on a specific date. AMSR Courses offer the freedom for participants to choose the best time to participate that syncs with their schedule. Once the Course has commenced, between 2 to 3 hours of course content is released week-by-week. At the end of each week's content, there is a quiz and you are encouraged to discuss that week's course content with your trainers and fellow participants.

Access to coursework from anywhere at anytime

You have the freedom to study and complete your AMSR Course 24/7 from anywhere and at any time that suits your busy schedule. If you're out of town on business, you can access your AMSR Course when back at the hotel, while you're waiting for a connecting flight, or between sessions. All you need is your laptop.

Asynchronous discussions

Ever had that feeling that you missed out on asking a question or adding to a conversation because you didn't have enough time to formulate your thoughts before the topic changed? Through the interactive forum, that's never a problem. The discussion is not cut-off when the metaphorical bell rings. You can formulate your idea or question while out and post when you return.