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AMSR-Outpatient Training
April 09, 2024

SAMHSA Garrett Lee Smith (GLS) grant applications are open.

Applying for funding for EDC Solutions services? We can help!

2024 Sparkers Photo
December 28, 2023

Tips for Reducing Alcohol-Related Risks at Your Holiday Party

EDC's Melanie Adler shares tips to prevent alcohol misuse during the holidays to make your celebrations safe and enjoyable for all.

Photo of laptop showing 404 error screen
November 01, 2023

Prevention Solutions discontinued the PSOnline website on October 31st of 2023.

Prevention Solutions at EDC has closed its online courses.

Youth play a party game during Halloween
October 30, 2023

Four Ways to Celebrate a Fun and Safe Halloween

EDC's Jessica Goldberg shares four ways to prevent substance misuse during Halloween in order to make the holiday safe and enjoyable for all.

Photo of older and younger adult
October 19, 2023

Building a Supportive Environment: Strategies for Preventing Misuse in Older Adults

EDC's Chuck Klevgaard shares why substance misuse prevention presents a challenge to prevention specialists and why it is also an important area of intervention.

ZSI Outpatient
October 12, 2023

Prevention Solutions at EDC Highlights Two Resources on Reducing Stigma

Reflecting on National Substance Abuse Prevention Month, the EDC Solutions team offers two resources on reducing stigma.

Time is running out
May 09, 2023

Current courses will no longer be available after September 30.

Prevention Solutions at EDC is closing its online courses.

Sun rising over mountains
January 12, 2023

Celebrating some of Prevention Solutions 2022 successes.

Celebrating some of Prevention Solutions 2022 successes.