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Sponsor a Training

We've worked with thousands of sponsors nationwide.

Sponsors are organizations that host AMSR trainings in their organizations or communities. By sponsoring a training or training of trainers, you can provide the full AMSR experience online or in-person to a limited number of invited attendees on a date of your choosing. These trainings are led either by an authorized AMSR trainer we provide or one who is already a member of your staff.

AMSR Sponsor Q&A

Why sponsor a training?

If you want to train providers who work in the same organization or community all at once, the best way is to host an AMSR Training. We'll help you select an AMSR Trainer who work with you to offer the training to the participants you have invited to attend.

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If you are intending to have all clinicians and direct care staff in your organization trained in AMSR, we recommended having your own staff trained as authorized AMSR trainers.

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What are the costs associated?

For each training or training of trainers you sponsor, there are associated costs. These include: per participant fee, trainer fee (unless the trainer is on your staff), and travel or online platform fees.

Since the fees will vary based on the number of participants and format, contact us to get the exact information for your sponsored AMSR training. You can fill out the AMSR proposal form in advance if you already know the dates, location, and curriculum you would like to sponsor.

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What curricula are available?

All of our curricula are available:

  • AMSR-Outpatient training or training of trainers
  • AMSR-Inpatient training or training of trainers
  • AMSR-Direct Care Outpatient training or training of trainers
  • AMSR-Direct Care Inpatient training or training of trainers
  • AMSR-Substance Use Disorder training or training of trainers

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