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Five 90-minute sessions plus coaching
SEL Adaptive Practice

Social-Emotional Learning Adaptive Practice provides educators with strategies for integrating SEL into lesson plans and classroom routines across all content areas and grade levels.

Districts and schools across the nation recognize the importance of social-emotional learning toward student academic and behavioral outcomes but are often challenged by integrating authentically the development of these skills and mindsets into daily practice. One way for educators to address these challenges is by utilizing the content and pedagogical expertise of teachers to embed implicit and explicit strategies into lesson plans, classroom routines, and student interactions. EDC’s SEL Adaptive Practice service provides the training and coaching for educators to begin this process. 

The training series includes technical assistance consultation between sessions.

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Overview of SEL Adaptive Practice


The audience for this service is classroom educators and leaders in charge of instruction or curriculum design.

Skills Development

Prioritize SEL Skills & Mindsets

Participants will learn how to identify the SEL skills and mindsets that align with a particular grade level and content area. For example, in Mathematics, schools and participants might prioritize developing a growth mindset and collaboration skills. They will acquire deeper knowledge about these priorities, and the strategies in practice that correspond for the appropriate grade level. 

Implement Strategies for Integration

Participants will have opportunities to practice integrating these strategies into lesson plans, interactions with students, objectives, etc., with technical assistance, as well as opportunities to share learnings and iterate on their approaches. 


This service is comprised of technical assistance and five, 90-minute in-person or online workshops on the following topics for school-level teams of 8-10 practitioners. Sessions will provide tools for reflection, self-assessment, and lesson planning. 

Session Topics
  1. Understanding SEL: Research & Reasoning
  2. Ensuring Equitable, Inclusive & Trauma-Informed SEL
  3. Implicit SEL Adaptive Practices
  4. Explicit SEL Adaptive Practices
  5. Peer Sharing & Applying Lessons Learned

Teams will work with their technical assistance specialist between sessions to embed these learnings into practice and implement them in the classroom.

Preview Guiding Questions and Strategies

This tool, part of our larger provides guiding questions and strategies for integrating SEL into lesson plans and classroom routines across all content areas and grade levels.