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May 17th
School and District Leaders
Educators and Counselors
Webinar | School Suicide Prevention
May 17th, 2022
2:00-3:00PM EDT

Join a fireside chat with a moderated panel of national education and suicide prevention experts and leaders who discuss why there is increased attention to suicide prevention in districts and schools and the effective strategies or programs that greatly enhance these efforts.

About the Event

As leaders and educators move quickly to support the mental health needs of students, they have also acknowledged that suicide prevention is an important topic that often requires more support in practice and policy than has traditionally existed.

Join our EDC Solutions for Education & Wellbeing team on Tuesday, May 17th at 2pm EST for a fireside chat with a moderated panel of national education experts and leaders. Our panelists will discuss the increased need and attention to suicide prevention in schools. They will discuss effective strategies and programs that they have seen greatly enhance suicide prevention efforts at the district, school, and classroom levels. 

We invite you to contribute to this rich conversation and hope our recommended resources prove helpful. If you are unable to join the webinar, register anyway and we’ll send you post-event materials.



Research mentioned during the webinar:


Tools for suicide prevention in schools:



Training from EDC Solutions:

Photo of Shawna Hite-Jones
Shawna Hite-Jones
Senior Manager of Prevention Initiatives, EDC

Shawna Hite-Jones works in state, community, and school-based suicide prevention at EDC and has supported the development of EDC’s Community-Led Suicide Prevention Toolkit.

Julie Goldstein Grumet
Director, Zero Suicide Institute
Vice President, Education Development Center
Senior Health Care Advisor, Suicide Prevention Resource Center

Dr. Julie Goldstein Grumet, Director of the Zero Suicide Institute, provides strategic direction to healthcare systems to improve the identification and treatment of people at risk for suicide.

Photo of Jarrod Hindman
Jarrod Hindman
Chief Operating Officer, Sources of Strength
Jarrod Hindman, COO of Sources of Strength, has close to two decades working in public health and community development and is passionate about wellness-focused prevention and health promotion.
Photo of John Crocker
John Crocker
Director of School Mental Health & Behavioral Services at Methuen Public Schools
Founder & Director of the Massachusetts School Mental Health Consortium

John Crocker, Director of School Mental Health & Behavioral Services at Methuen Public Schools, is also the founder and director of the Massachusetts School Mental Health Consortium.