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EDC's SEL Audit is a rapid, data-driven solution to assist districts in identifying their SEL strengths, gaps, and opportunities for growth using a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) framework. 

Through our SEL Audit, EDC experts engage schools and districts in a three-month process of examining and analyzing the effectiveness of SEL-related programs, practices, and structures. At the end of the process, districts receive a full report with the EDC team’s findings and recommendations, including short- and long-term action steps to strengthen SEL and mental health supports.

The SEL Audit examines existing and needed SEL supports at all three MTSS tiers and considers how to strengthen the district’s overall systems, including data systems, communication and coordination, and district-wide alignment.

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Overview of SEL Audit

To gain an in-depth understanding of your district’s SEL supports, systems, and processes, SEL Audit includes two components—a rapid assessment and a data-informed action plan. The assessment includes:

  • Focus groups with school representatives (teachers, mental health counselors, and other staff)
  • Key informant interviews with district leaders (building and district-level administrators)
  • Analysis of existing SEL and other related district data 

Included in Consultation

Along with key findings, an action plan is then developed and presented in a final SEL Audit Report based on the district’s strengths, gaps, and opportunities. 

  • Systemwide strengths, gaps, needs, and opportunities
  • Students’ and educators’ SEL and mental health needs
  • Effectiveness and fit of existing SEL and mental health programs, practices, and policies
  • Current capacity to put in place the above drivers of effectiveness
Action Planning
  • Short-, mid-, and long-term action steps
  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  • Specific milestones and benchmarks
  • Outcomes of success

To learn more about EDC's SEL Audit, download the Sample SEL Audit Report and review the SEL Audit Case Study linked below.

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