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Rapid Assessment and Action Planning

Rapid Assessment and Action Planning (RAAP) is an innovative, data-driven solution to address school districts’ SEL and mental health needs through comprehensive consultation.

COVID-19 and ongoing racial inequities are creating a new wave of stress, fear, and trauma for students, parents, and educators. One way for districts to address these challenges is by implementing equitable and effective systems of social-emotional learning and mental health supports. EDC’s Rapid Assessment and Action Planning (RAAP) solution can help you do this.

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Overview of Rapid Assessment and Action Planning

What’s in RAAP?

  • Two online trainings for district SEL and mental health teams that build local capacity to carry out assessment and action planning
  • Self-assessment tool and other carefully curated resources to support RAAP
  • Online technical assistance and coaching from our expert staff
  • Final report authored by our subject matter experts that presents assessment results, articulates district priorities, and outlines action steps

Included in Consultation

Using RAAP, we will first work with you to assess your current SEL and mental health needs using current data sources and providing our support with additional data collection. We will then work with you to develop an ambitious and manageable action plan.

  • Systemwide strengths, gaps, needs, and opportunities
  • Students’ and educators’ SEL and mental health needs
  • Effectiveness and fit of existing SEL and mental health programs, practices, and policies
  • Current capacity to put in place the above drivers of effectiveness
Action Planning
  • Short-, mid-, and long-term action steps
  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  • Specific milestones and benchmarks
  • Outcomes of success

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