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Four 90-minute sessions plus coaching
SEL for Education Leaders, Systems & Communication

Social-Emotional Learning for Educational Leaders, Systems and Communication provides district and school educational leaders with strategies and support toward prioritizing specific areas of SEL, improving policy, and communicating changes to the school community.

Districts and schools across the nation recognize the importance of social-emotional learning toward student academic and behavioral outcomes. Leaders can support these efforts through policy alignment and family outreach. This service helps leaders reflect, analyze, and plan for ways to consider how relationships with the larger school community and system-wide policies that better enforce the prioritized areas of social-emotional learning.  

The training series includes technical assistance consultation between sessions.

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Overview of SEL for Educational Leaders, Systems and Communication


The audience for this service is district and school leaders. 

Skills Development

Prioritize SEL with the School Community

Participants will learn about a variety of SEL frameworks, as well as how to create and modify their own, and how these priorities are aligned with available data from staff, students, and the families. 

Action Planning

Participants will spend time reflecting and planning for how to align system-wide policies, such as discipline, to support SEL priorities, as well as how to communicate these priorities and changes with families and staff.


Participants will:

  • Develop a holistic understanding of social-emotional learning and how it can become part of school and district culture
  • Understand various frameworks and school policies related to social-emotional learning
  • Examine current vision, goals, and standards associated with academics, behavior, and social-emotional learning within a multi-tiered system of support
  • Consider ways to align these goals with current programmatic efforts and policy plans for integrating into school and district culture, including family engagement
  • Reflect on their current successes and challenges 
  • Take action to further apply strategies and/or planning toward policy changes


This service is comprised of technical assistance and four, 90-minute in-person or online workshops on the following topics for school-level teams of 8-10 practitioners. Sessions will provide tools for reflection, self-assessment, and data application.

Session Topics
  1. Prioritizing SEL:  Frameworks, Data, and the School Community
  2. Policy and Action Planning for SEL 
  3. Communication and Action Planning for SEL 
  4. Peer Sharing & Applying Lessons Learned

Teams will work with their technical assistance specialist between sessions to embed these learnings into action plans.