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Prevention Practitioners
Public Health Professionals
Emerging Issues in the Field of Problem Gambling Prevention

Online and retail sports betting is now legal in more than 30 states and the portrait of a new problem gambler is emerging.

This workshop identifies emerging issues and trends, such as the rise in e-sports and sports gambling as opportunities and settings for gambling expand. Discussion focuses on proactively preparing for future considerations for prevention and treatment.

Training Priorities


State and community-level substance misuse prevention practitioners and other public health professionals.

Learning Objects
  • Identify new and emerging trends in problem gambling behaviors.
  • Define the risk factors associated with newly emerging gambling settings and opportunities. 
  • Discuss the impact of these new trends on prevention and treatment strategies. 
Training Content


  • Settings
  • Legislation
  • Changing attitudes

Types of gambling:

  • Sports betting
  • Gaming
  • Online opportunities 

Populations affected:

  • Young people
  • Women
  • Culture

Implication on prevention and treatment