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Preventing Problem Gambling

At Prevention Solutions, we understand the potential harms of problem gambling and the importance of taking a systemic and equity-informed approach to prevention.

Scope of the Issue

Approximately 6 million U.S. adults—that's 3 percent—engage in problem gambling each year, including growing numbers of young adults. It is a complex issue that disproportionately affects those with substance use and mental health disorders, and those most affected by income, housing, and educational disparities. Yet fewer than half of state agencies responsible for problem gambling provide prevention services.

Problem Gambling

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Let us help you using a blended learning approach

Engaging presentations can build the capacity of your workforce. We’ll work closely with you in preparing an agenda and developing participant materials. Prevention Solutions workshops can be stand-alone events or you can combine our services to support your team internally as you build capacity at multiple levels.

Strategic Planning for Problem Gambling Prevention

Tailored Support for Problem Gambling Prevention

Our consultation and training can help you:

  • Understand the linkages between problem gambling and substance misuse
  • Develop the systemic supports needed to address these related problems in coordinated and culturally-informed ways
  • Build and support processes that engage diverse stakeholders in prevention efforts
  • Develop community plans to prevent problem gambling in those communities at highest risk
  • Identify and implement culturally appropriate prevention strategies
  • Create messaging related to program gambling that draws from local concerns and issues and increases community understanding of and readiness to address the problem
  • Break down silos and created meaningful integration to promote health and wellness for everyone.


We offer tools, webinars, and other resources on problem gambling. You can also check out our service spotlights to learn more about our work with clients.

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