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Community-Led Suicide Prevention

Community-Led Suicide Prevention helps communities come together to create and reach their suicide prevention goals.

EDC Solutions provides step-by-step information, how-to tools, interactive training, and tailored coaching to support communities using the Community-Led Suicide Prevention (CLSP) framework for achieving comprehensive suicide prevention. 


Community-Led Suicide Prevention Academy

Community-Led Suicide Prevention Consultation

Community-Led Suicide Prevention Toolkit

The CLSP Toolkit was inspired by the report Transforming Communities: Key Elements for the Implementation of Comprehensive Community-Based Suicide Prevention, developed by the Transforming Communities Priority Group of the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention—the nation’s public-private partnership for suicide prevention, operated and managed by EDC.

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Seven Elements of Community-Led Suicide Prevention

  1. Unity: How to Develop Broad-Based Support for a Shared Vision
  2. Data: How to Use Data to Guide Action and Improve Efforts
  3. Planning: How to Use a Strategic Planning Process
  4. Fit: How to Align Activities with Community Culture and Needs
  5. Integration: How to Use Multiple, Complementary Approaches
  6. Communication: How to Communicate Clearly, Safely, and Consistently
  7. Sustainability: How to Create Long-Lasting Change


Applying for a Garrett Lee Smith (GLS) grant? Learn how to write CLSP services into your grant application.