Focus group
1.5 hours
Making the Case for Prevention: Developing a Compelling Pitch

Examines what makes an effective pitch and key considerations for developing a pitch that it is compelling and on target.

Building strong partnerships and collaborations is a critical component of prevention success. Forging these connections takes fortitude and finesse: for each potential partner we approach, we need to frame a strong case for why they should become involved, and ultimately, why prevention is important. Doing so often depends on our ability to make a convincing case for why prevention is important.

This webinar is designed to help practitioners make this case. We will look at what makes an effective pitch and examine key considerations for developing a pitch that is compelling and appropriate.

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State and community-level substance misuse prevention practitioners and other public health professionals.

Learning Objectives
  • Describe the value of promoting prevention efforts to a variety of audiences
  • Identify key elements of an effective message when ‘pitching’ to potential stakeholders and partners
  • Describe strategies for tailoring prevention messages to different stakeholders
Training Content
  • Why Pitch Prevention?
    • Benefits of building support
    • Understanding the lingo
    • Communicating the value of prevention
  • Crafting Your Pitch
    • Defining goals and audience
    • Choosing a desired action
    • Making a compelling argument
    • Setting an appropriate tone
  • Anticipating Challenges
    • Avoiding jargon
    • Tailoring your message
    • Considering culture and language