Photo of young person speaking to therapist
Prevention Practitioners
Public Health Professionals
1.5 hours
Preventing Problem Gambling in Youth

This workshop will introduce the current landscape of gambling involving young people. 

When people think of gambling they often think of it as an adult activity, and for good reason—it is. But take time to consider the amount of gambling that youth have access to, with friends, in video games, community and afterschool events, family games, even scratch-off tickets delivered in their holiday stockings.

Yet if you ask a teen, “Do you gamble?” they likely will say “no.” What else could you ask? What can you teach them about gambling, and what resources are available to help you? This workshop seeks to answer those questions and more, as well as provide some practical guidance on talking to youth about gambling. 

Training Priorities


State and community-level substance misuse prevention practitioners and other public health professionals.

Learning Objects
  • Define the difference between a gambling game vs. other games of chance
  • Identify ways youth may be exposed to gambling, gambling-style elements, and unregulated gambling
  • Understand the basics of problem gambling prevention for youth
Training Content
  • The current landscape of gambling for youth
  • Responsible gambling vs. problem gambling 
  • Building on prevention basics 
  • Leveraging domains of risk
  • Prevention strategies (primary, secondary, and tertiary)
  • Understanding negative consequences
  • Getting started