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EDC Solutions at 2023 MASC/MASS
November 8th-10th, 2023

Shai Fuxman and Sara Niño will present at the 2023 MASC/MASS Joint Conference, held in Cape Code, MA November 8th-10th, 2023.

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About the Conference

Join school committee and administrator colleagues for over sixty panel sessions on the theme of "Investing in Equitable School Districts: Moving from Theory to Practice."

About Our Session

Promoting Equity and Belonging through Social and Emotional Skills 

An environment centering equity and inclusion—where every student feels safe, seen, and supported—is only possible when both staff and students are supported in fostering their social and emotional skills. Skills such as perspective-taking, social awareness, problem-solving, and empathy are at the foundation of an inclusive and equitable learning environment, and it is through the explicit teaching, modeling, and practicing of such competencies that inclusion and equity can genuinely emerge. This interactive session will explore areas that strengthen the social and emotional foundation needed for equity and inclusion, including staff professional development, integrating social-emotional learning within academics, data collection and utilization, and the strengthening of district-wide systems and supports. The session will include practical examples from several districts across the Commonwealth.


Photo of Shai Fuxman
Shai Fuxman
Senior Research Scientist in Public Health and Education, EDC

Dr. Shai Fuxman, a behavioral health expert and senior research scientist, leads initiatives promoting the positive development of youth and serves as a technical assistance specialist and advisor for EDC Solutions.

Photo of Sara Niño
Sara Niño
Training and Technical Assistant Associate, EDC Solutions

Sara Velia Niño, EDC training and technical assistance (TTA) associate, is an educational equity expert and scholar-practitioner.

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