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October 12th, 2023
School and District Leaders
Educators and Counselors
Fall Check-In: Prioritizing Educator Wellbeing and Overcoming Initiative Fatigue
October 12th, 2023
2:00-3:00 PM ET

In this interactive webinar, school and district leaders will consider the importance of communicating the alignment between priorities and initiatives.

Fall Check-In

Educators juggle a multitude of priorities, and there are often multiple initiatives in place across a school or district to address those priorities. If these initiatives are not properly communicated, the result is “initiative fatigue”—a feeling of drowning in multiple potentially overlapping or even conflicting initiatives that are all of equal priority.

Leaders can reduce initiative fatigue and improve educator wellbeing by carefully and intentionally articulating and communicating the alignment between initiatives and school or district priorities. Join us for a one-hour to explore strategies for defining and communicating this alignment. In a supportive environment, leaders may reflect on their community’s current level of initiative fatigue and set clear, realistic goals for reducing initiative fatigue for educators.

The webinar is designed to engage education leaders in the content through teaching, Q&A, and an interactive breakout session. Participants will contribute to community dialogue, explore strategies, and articulate relevant potential action steps for their unique contexts.



Photo of Sara Niño
Sara Niño
Training and Technical Assistant Associate, EDC Solutions

Sara Velia Niño, EDC training and technical assistance (TTA) associate, is an educational equity expert and scholar-practitioner.

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Tori Todd
Training and Technical Assistant Associate, EDC Solutions

Tori Todd, Training and Technical Assistant Associate, supports educators to design student-centered, equitable learning experiences.

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