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Lead with EDC’s SEL Self-Audit Checklist

SEL Self-Audit Checklist

A free tool for school and district leaders to assess their policies on social and emotional learning (SEL) and mental health across five dimensions of the multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) framework.

Across EDC's years of working with states, districts, and schools, we've seen how prioritizing early assessment of SEL practices leads to measurable and sustainable change. That knowledge is why we created our EDC SEL Audit–and why we've adapted a key tool from that service to be accessible for everyone. 

We designed a self-audit tool to help you think multi-dimensionally about your school or district's current and future SEL needs. Inside the resource, you'll find:

  • SEL Self-Audit Checklist–Self-audit tool based on the multiple dimensions of MTSS framework
  • Gathering SEL Audit Data–Guidance on how EDC gathers data for our clients
  • Sample SEL Audit Report–Sample strategic report we provide to clients

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Jump start your SEL efforts with EDC coaching

SEL audits help school and district leaders transform policies and practices to prioritize SEL and mental health supports. EDC advocates a comprehensive approach to SEL audits based on a multi-tiered system of support. For more coaching, join us for a free webinar on demand and reach out about our SEL Audit.