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Community-Led Suicide Prevention Academy

Drawing on individual communities’ strengths, culture, and needs, EDC's Community-Led Suicide Prevention Academy supports coalitions in improving their efforts. 

Through presentations and interactive activities, teams will learn from presenters and peers on strengthening and sustaining partnerships and coalitions, using data-driven strategic planning, assessing and improving community readiness, responding to health equity needs, and diving deeper into suicide prevention best practices to have the greatest local impact. 

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Training Priorities

Learning Objectives

Supporting community suicide prevention coalitions and partnerships in:

  • Understanding the skills and information necessary to adopt or expand effective suicide prevention efforts
  • Beginning to develop a strategic plan with strategies for effective suicide prevention 
  • Creating collaborations between community coalitions for mentorship and support

Training Content

Suicide prevention foundational content:
  • Public health best practices
  • Suicide risk and protective factors
  • Safe and effective messaging
  • Evidence-based approaches
  • Health equity
Coalition best practices:
  • Strengthening and diversifying membership
  • Improving engagement and communication
  • Creating sustainable structures and logistics
  • Demystifying funding sources
Data-driven planning and implementation:
  • Accessing data sources and building partnerships
  • Using data to prioritize efforts that fit your community’s culture, readiness level, and needs
  • Creating accountable strategic plans, goals, and objectives
  • Involving diverse populations, including people with lived experience
  • Using data for improvements