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Delivered September 27, 2018, this hour-long webinar explores what works to reduce opioid misuse and the role of prevention in stemming this crisis.
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Since the onset of COVID-19, many states and communities have dramatically loosened restrictions on alcohol and marijuana use and access, including restrictions on delivery, internet sales, takeout, and outdoor consumption. This webinar (delivered February 11, 2021) examines the impact of these policy changes, their effects on public health, and strategies for mitigating these effects. Access the webinar recording here.
Webinar | April 28th, 2023
Join Prevention Solutions at EDC as we explore problem gambling within the broader societal context, including individual, community, and societal factors, the relationship of problem gambling to other problems, and populations at greatest risk.
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Delivered January 24, 2019, this hour-long webinar explores the benefits of a comprehensive prevention approach and examples of successful implementation.