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Thursday, August 15th
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Getting Further with Zero Suicide: Just Culture & Lived Experience
Thursday, August 15th
3:00-4:00 PM ET

Our experts lead a discussion on creating a just culture and the role of incorporating lived experience expertise in the transformation of organizational culture in this Getting Further with Zero Suicide: Just Culture & Lived Experience webinar.

Session on Just Culture & Lived Experience 

The Getting Further with Zero Suicide: Just Culture & Lived Experience webinar will explore the pursuit of a just and restorative culture of safety and the critical role that lived experience plays in the creation of such a culture.

Successful implementation of the Zero Suicide framework is rooted in the system-wide transformation of organization and workforce culture. Practice change toward suicide safer care requires the foundation of a tenacious pursuit of zero suicides as the only acceptable goal, a belief that suicide is preventable and that change can only occur in a just and learning culture.

A just, restorative, safety-oriented, and highly-reliable organization designs for zero and embraces a culture of safety where every staff member is engaged in the identification of errors and is supported in the aftermath of critical incidents. Though adverse events may still occur, a learning organization that sees suicide as a never-event, will derive lessons learned and build new practice opportunities through a process of continuous quality improvement. 

Getting Further with Zero Suicide Series

The Getting Further with Zero Suicide webinar series is designed for Zero Suicide systems that are ready to take their initial implementation efforts to the next level. This four-part series provides insights into topics vital to continuous quality improvement for suicide prevention in healthcare.

Zero Suicide Institute experts will lead conversations around care pathways, healthcare worker wellness, fidelity and sustainability, and just culture and lived experience. Together with the Zero Suicide Toolkit, this series further supports organizations in advancing their work to improve safer suicide care. 

The webinar series is scheduled throughout the year and open for registration in advance. Recordings of past webinars will be made available at the same links, available below. Recommended Zero Suicide resources are linked below.


Series Schedule & Topics


Recommended Tools & Readings

These resources and more are available on the Zero Suicide Toolkit at

Support from Zero Suicide Institute

Zero Suicide Institute offers training and consultation to support your Zero Suicide implementation. To further your implementation goals, we recommend:

Getting Further with Zero Suicide Consultation

National Zero Suicide Academy

Shelby Kuhn
Shelby Kuhn
Senior Project Associate, Zero Suicide Institute

Shelby Kuhn delivers training and consultation to improve care and outcomes for individuals at risk for suicide using a continuous quality improvement framework.