Diana Cortez-Yanez 
Honoring Diana Cortez Yañez

Diana Cortez Yañez was an international lived experience speaker and suicide prevention consultant, as well as a certified peer specialist.

March 03, 2023

Zero Suicide Institute is saddened by the loss of a beloved partner in suicide prevention advocacy.

Diana Cortez Yañez, international lived experience speaker and Zero Suicide Institute Faculty member, passed away following a medical emergency on February 27th at the age of 57. As a multiple suicide attempt survivor, Cortez-Yanez had many years of experience in the health system, both as a patient and later working as a certified peer specialist.
Diana knew that sharing her expertise would contribute to healthcare systems making the necessary changes to help save lives. Diana joined Zero Suicide Institute as a faculty member in 2015.
“Diana was one of the first people with lived experience to participate in our trainings,” says Julie Goldstein Grumet, Zero Suicide Institute Director. “I learned a tremendous amount from her—her history of interventions, journey to recovery, how she shared her story—and she has deeply informed my work. She was passionate about what she did and an incredible collaborator, educator, colleague, and friend. I am grateful we had the chance to know and work with her.”
Zero Suicide Institute is honored to have lasting recordings of Diana sharing her story, so that we may continue to share her heartfelt message with others.
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Diana was a founding Ambassador of, which will announce a fund in her name to directly support others with lived experience to share their stories. You can see their tribute to Diana here.