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AMSR-Direct Care Inpatient Training

AMSR-trained professionals report increased willingness, confidence, and clarity in working with people at risk of suicide.

The AMSR-Direct Care Inpatient Training workshop prepares non-clinical staff working in inpatient care settings to provide confident and empathetic care to patients at risk of suicide.

AMSR-Direct Care Inpatient Training is a companion training, meant to be used in settings where clinical providers have already attended the AMSR-Inpatient Training and are implementing the AMSR risk formulation.

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Direct care staff—such as care navigators, mental health technicians, patient support staff, recovery coaches, peer specialists and licensed practical nurses—who understand care plans and risk levels are better able to support patients in care. AMSR-Direct Care Inpatient training ensures that treatment teams of clinicians and direct care staff can speak the same risk assessment and management language to provide consistent, effective care.

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About the Training Workshop

AMSR-Direct Care Training workshops provide a half-day of training. This workshop is taught live in person by an authorized AMSR trainer. The workshop consists of 3.5 hours of content that includes discussion, role-playing, and video segments. 

AMSR-Direct Care Training is designed to familiarize you with the AMSR approach and the risk formulation, giving you the understanding and skills to assist in the treatment of those at risk for suicide. You'll learn how you can help identify and support individuals with suicide risk by using the suicide risk identification, assessment, and management competencies taught in the AMSR-Direct Care Inpatient training. You'll receive an AMSR manual, so you can take with you the information, background, and tips that are covered in the session.

The cost of the workshop is $50 per person. Training is only available in person. Discounts are available for organizations interested in training large numbers of staff. Email for additional pricing information.

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