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8 hours | Access for 5 months
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AMSR-Inpatient Course

Assessing and Managing Suicide Risk Inpatient Course

Learn how to confidently and competently assess and manage levels of client suicide risk in this highly practical and absorbing online course for care providers in inpatient settings.

AMSR-Inpatient curriculum

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Inpatient providers can help patients with elevated suicide risk return to their community setting and recover by using the suicide risk identification, assessment, and management competencies taught in the AMSR-Inpatient training. The AMSR-Inpatient Training will prepare you to use the AMSR risk formulation in inpatient care settings, such as inpatient units or in residential treatment programs.

AMSR risk formulation

About the Course

The AMSR-Inpatient course offers immediate access to eight hours of engaging instruction available for a period of five months as well as a downloadable digital library and optional bonus content in key areas that interest you.

Developed by AMSR Lead Trainers and experts with lived experience in the field of suicide, Assessing and Managing Suicide Risk (AMSR) empowers mental health practitioners with practical tools and skills for working with clients at risk of suicide.

The AMSR-Inpatient Course offers busy and often pressured health facilities an easily adopted and effective framework for health practitioners working with patients at differing levels of suicide risk.

This deeply absorbing and engaging online course guides participants step by step through the AMSR risk formulation to assist health practitioners in building both competence and confidence with patients who may be at risk of suicide.

Health practitioners will learn how to identify the warning signs, respond compassionately and effectively, and most importantly, develop a collaborative management plan with patients to assist in reducing the risk of suicide with their patients.

AMSR offers health and mental health practitioners a structured framework utilizing research-informed interventions and strategies that are easy to learn and apply. Over 100,000 clinicians and 2,000 healthcare systems in the United States alone have taken an AMSR course.

Course participants will experience beautifully crafted video lessons and compelling demonstrations of clinicians working with clients that show examples of how to work with the AMSR risk formulation across a range of patient presentations. Participants will also have access to a digital library that allows them to download useful resources.

There are four parts of the AMSR-Inpatient Course and each takes around two hours, completed at a time that suits individual practitioners. It’s been designed to be a highly practical and enjoyable online training journey that helps build practitioner competence and confidence in dealing with the often challenging experience of assisting patients at risk of suicide.

Learning Objectives
  • Develop core skills required to assess and manage suicide risk
  • Learn about the contributing factors and warning signs of suicide risk
  • Efficiently learn how to gather information from your patients to formulate a risk assessment
  • Learn how to ask directly about suicide Learn about the common dilemmas associated with suicide risk
  • Acquire knowledge of available safety and evidence-based treatment options
  • Learn how to develop an effective plan collaboratively with a client to minimize the risk of suicide
Course Modules
  • Part 1: Approaching Your Work and Understanding Suicide (9 modules)
  • Part 2: Gathering Information (7 modules)
  • Part 3: Formulating Risk (10 modules)
  • Part 4: Planning & Responding (12 modules)
Continuing Education Credits

There are 8 CE/CME hours available.

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The course is open for enrollment on demand in partnership with Psychwire. Participants will have access to the eight-hour course for five months. Visit the Psychwire course page to enroll in the "AMSR for Inpatient Settings" course and begin your AMSR journey today.