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AMSR-Outpatient Training of Trainers

Join more than 300 trainers nationwide in helping behavioral health professionals feel confident navigating challenging situations and delivering the latest research-informed care to individuals at risk for suicide.

The AMSR-Outpatient Training of Trainer workshop will prepare you to teach AMSR to your clinical and direct care colleagues working in outpatient settings, such as mental and behavioral health clinics and primary care offices. 

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Becoming an AMSR trainer means joining a group of more than 300 other leaders in compassionate care for people at risk for suicide. The AMSR-Outpatient Training of Trainer (Tot) workshop will prepare you to teach other providers how to use the AMSR risk formulation in outpatient care settings. Authorized AMSR trainers teach AMSR to colleagues within their own organizations. We also have limited opportunities for AMSR Trainers to be compensated for training outside of their own organization.

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About the Training of Trainers Workshop

AMSR Training of Trainer (ToT) workshops provide two and half days of training. The first day is an observation of an AMSR Lead Trainer leading an AMSR training. Days two and three focus on you learning, developing, and practicing as an AMSR trainer. 

When you join an ASMR ToT, you gain skills in the recognition, assessment, and management of suicide risk. You'll learn about the delivery of effective suicide-specific interventions and how to develop collaborative treatment and safety plans with those at risk for suicide. AMSR Lead Trainers demonstrate expert facilitation and provide you with the opportunity to practice and receive feedback on key aspects of AMSR curricula.

We provide you with an AMSR manual as well as an AMSR Leader Guide, so you can take with you the information, background, and tips that are covered in the session. As long as you're authorized, you'll have access to the AMSR Trainers website.

You'll leave the ToT ready to deliver your first training. 

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