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SIMmersion's mission is to train communication skills faster and more effectively by combining the world's most realistic simulated experiences with extensive user feedback.

While working for the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Dr. Dale Olsen identified a universal need to train communication skills by giving learners a chance to practice conversations. He developed and patented PeopleSIM® to provide simulated practice opportunities. The FBI funded the first PeopleSim system to teach criminal investigation techniques allowing agents to talk with Mike Simmen, a bank employee who may have embezzled money. That work started in 1997, and a dynamic new product was delivered in 1998. 

The success of the first PeopleSim training system generated an immediate demand for other systems addressing various topics including suicide intervention, border interviews, and recruiting. In 2002, Dr. Olsen obtained an exclusive license for PeopleSim and founded SIMmersion as a spinout company. With the success of SIMmersion, Dr. Olsen purchases all rights to technology and SIMmersion has developed a wide variety of training systems addressing many topics including customer service, performance coaching, Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, sales, suicide intervention, screening and brief interventions, courtroom testimony, job interviews, and many others.

Learn more about Zero Suicide Institute's collaboration with SIMmersion, the Suicide Prevention Training Simulated Practice Suite by following the course link below.

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