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Recording | Getting Further with Zero Suicide: Care Pathways
Recorded on February 15th, 2024

The Getting Further with Zero Suicide: Care Pathways recorded webinar offers an in-depth exploration of suicide care pathways and their effectiveness at engaging at-risk individuals. 

Recorded Session on Care Pathways

Explore the benefits and challenges of implementing system-wide suicide care pathways in our Getting Further with Zero Suicide: Care Pathways recorded webinar. Our Zero Suicide Institute experts will show you why these pathways are crucial for supporting both patients and healthcare workers. Using real-life examples, we’ll guide you in improving suicide-specific care pathways for your organization.

This session incorporates all elements of Zero Suicide, with a focus on making it work, getting better over time, and sticking around for the long run. Access the recording to learn how creating, implementing, and improving suicide care pathways can support your Zero Suicide outcomes. 

Getting Further with Zero Suicide Series

The Getting Further with Zero Suicide webinar series is designed for Zero Suicide systems that are ready to take their initial implementation efforts to the next level. This four-part series provides insights into topics vital to continuous quality improvement for suicide prevention in healthcare.

Zero Suicide Institute experts will lead conversations around care pathways, healthcare worker wellness, fidelity and sustainability, and just culture and lived experience. Together with the Zero Suicide Toolkit, this series further supports organizations in advancing their work to improve safer suicide care. 

The webinar series is scheduled throughout the year and open for registration in advance. Participants can choose to attend any number of sessions. Recordings of past webinars will be made available at the same links, available below. Recommended Zero Suicide resources are linked below.


Series Schedule & Topics


Recommended Tools & Readings

Download our suicide care pathways resource roundup:


These resources and more are available on the Zero Suicide Toolkit at

Support from Zero Suicide Institute

Zero Suicide Institute offers training and consultation to support your Zero Suicide implementation. To further your implementation goals, we recommend:

Getting Further with Zero Suicide Consultation

National Zero Suicide Academy

Photo of Laurin Jozlin
Laurin Jozlin
Senior Project Associate, Zero Suicide Institute

Laurin Jozlin, senior project associate, is a licensed clinical social worker with 10 years of experience in suicide prevention, suicide intervention, community mental health, and child and adolescent mental health.

Photo of Amy Malloy
Amy Molloy
Senior Project Associate, Zero Suicide Institute

Amy Molloy, senior project associate, is a behavioral health expert with 14 years of leadership experience in suicide prevention, mental health promotion, veterans’ services, and education.
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