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Implementation Calls

Consultation and support over time with experts you trust.

Are you just starting your Zero Suicide journey or are you looking to accelerate your progress? One-on-one implementation calls with our expert staff and faculty are a great way to meet your needs.

About the Consultation

These implementation calls can address many needs. Some clients start by diving into the 7 elements of Zero Suicide, ensuring their team is on the same page, and utilizing the best evidence-based research and promising practices. Others utilize our experts to review current policies and procedures, discuss specific implementation challenges; or develop a training plan for staff. We also review results from organizations' Zero Suicide Organizational Self-Study or Workforce Study results and help develop an implementation plan.


What is the duration of implementation calls?

It entirely depends on your needs and budget. Some clients choose to meet for 60 minutes monthly while others meet 90 minutes quarterly. Other clients schedule twice-monthly meetings with different groups in their system (i.e., their full implementation team early in the month and then their implementation team lead and senior leaders later in the month). We can work with you to determine what will best meet your needs and budget.

Where do I go if I'm ready for consultation or if I have questions?

Please use the Contact Us button and someone from our team will get back to you ASAP.