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Webinar | Zero Suicide: Outcomes and Opportunities
May 29th, 2024
3:00pm – 4:00pm ET

Join a webinar featuring the Director of the Zero Suicide Institute, Julie Goldstein Grumet, PhD, designed to describe the Zero Suicide model and share implementation strategies.

About the Webinar

Hosted by CAMS-care, this webinar will discuss the foundation and implementation of the Zero Suicide Model. Director of the Zero Suicide Institute, Julie Goldstein Grumet, PhD, will delve into the elements of Zero Suicide to discuss the challenges, disparities, and opportunities regarding each component of the model. She will then share insights on how organizations can take this unique model and begin implementation efforts.

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What is Zero Suicide?

Zero Suicide operationalizes the core components of safer suicide care as seven elements. The seven elements of Zero Suicide represent what experts in the field of suicide prevention have identified as the core components of safe care for individuals with suicidal thoughts and urges. They represent a holistic approach to suicide prevention within health and behavioral health care systems.

The seven elements are:

  1. Lead system-wide culture change committed to reducing suicides
  2. Train a competent, confident, and caring workforce
  3. Identify patients with suicide risk via comprehensive screenings
  4. Engage all individuals at-risk of suicide using a suicide care management plan
  5. Treat suicidal thoughts and behaviors using evidence-based treatments
  6. Transition individuals through care with warm hand-offs and supportive contacts
  7. Improve policies and procedures through continuous quality improvement

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David Jobes
David Jobes
Professor of Psychology at The Catholic University of America

With almost 40 years in the field, Dr. Jobes is a clinical psychologist who conducts research in the assessment and treatment of suicide risk.

Julie Goldstein Grumet
Director, Zero Suicide Institute
Vice President, Education Development Center
Senior Health Care Advisor, Suicide Prevention Resource Center

Dr. Julie Goldstein Grumet, Director of the Zero Suicide Institute, provides strategic direction to healthcare systems to improve the identification and treatment of people at risk for suicide.